China’s first Angry Birds theme park will open in September

China’s first Angry Birds theme park will open in September in Zhejiang Province, officials said yesterday.

Construction of the theme park is progressing smoothly along a 1.5-kilometer stretch along the Qiantang River in Yanguan Town, Haining, the city government announced after signing an agreement with Finland-based Rovio Entertainment, the maker of the popular game for smartphones and tablet computers.

“It will be first outdoor Angry Birds theme park in Asia where visitors can see the natural wonder of the tide (Yanguan is famous for its tidal bore) and another wonder in the world’s entertainment industry,” Shalom Tang, Rovio marking manager in China, said at the signing ceremony.

The park will include a bird’s castle, an interactive square for guests to play various versions of Angry Birds and a parkour zone, according to Tang. The park will also have a 4D theater and exhibition halls.

All major facilities will be imported from Finland.

The theme park will open for trial operations in late August.

Tang said ticket prices haven’t been decided.

The park will be based in Tide Viewing Park, which is the best place to view the Qiantang River tide, said Xia Guoping, director general of the Tidal Bore Watching Scenic Spot Management Committee.

The Angry Birds theme park is expected to cost about 20 million yuan (US$3.25 million), which will be covered by a state-owned tourism company under the committee, Xia said.

Rovio may also launch a Haining Tide version of Angry Birds to promote the theme park, according to the committee.


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