Chinese owner to resume Fisker e-car production in Finland

Reports by the international news agency Reuters indicate that plans may be afoot to re-launch production of Fisker electric cars. Two years ago production was discontinued at Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki, southwest Finland.fisker_karma_autocar_redtrack

The Reuters story references reports from China pointing to the resumption of production of Fisker’s electric car in Finland, and as early as this year.

Pin Ni , director of the Chinese car component manufacturer Wanxiang Group told Reuters that the company is planning to begin production of the Karma electric car in Finland. At the same time sales of the car will resume in the US and Europe.

Fisker is also said to be continuing development work on a new model.

Information received by Yle indicates that Valmet Automotive — Fisker’s Finnish subcontractor for the Karma vehicle — has been closely following media reporting on the matter but would not volunteer any further comment.

Valmet Automotive also told Yle that in theory, it would be possible to resume production for Fisker in Uusikaupunki, since the production line is still operational.

Fisker began sales of its ecological electrical car back in 2011. The company sold just 1,800 units before puilling the plug on production because of problems with the car’s battery. The company’s objective was to sell as many as 11,000 units in 2012.

Source: Yle

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