Chinese spring festival: learn about tradition and how to celebrate

Probably, you don’t know that Asia isn’t only the continent where many immigrants come from, but it’s also where many Europeans and Americans decide to go to get a life chance. Does it sound weird? Probably, yes. But it’s true, anyways.

Actually, there are various reasons for western peoples to think to go to live in an Asiatic country. For study, for job as an interpreter or medicine, for passion or simply as a volunteer for a no profit association.

China and its Happy New Year

New Year for those who live in China will surely look as a wonderful festivity. First off, Chinese people celebrate their Spring Festival in the craziest and most expensive way as this is the main traditional festival.

This year the New Year 2015 started on 19 February and ended on 5 March, according to the lunar calendar.

This year it’s the “goat year”, so if you live or visit China during this year you will see many goats painted on shirts, baby wear and so on. The New Year in China is a long festival which allows families to celebrate and be together. Lucky decorations are everywhere, red is the primary color to celebrate this new eve in China.

Foods with lucky meaning are prepared and eaten with all the family and games are played as a way to wish good luck and please the favor of Lady Luck.

Good luck and happy games!

One of the most common way to wish good luck for Chinese people is to play a game. Usually, it’s about a card or chess game, but recently young people tend to prefer lottery games as well.

Playing a game brings the taste for a call to Lady Luck. A lucky game is intended to be a lucky start up in the new year. So, if you are living in China don’t miss this part of the annual festival!

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