Chinese VP meets board chair of Sweden-based Investor AB

China’s Vice President, Han Zheng, met with Jacob Wallenberg, Chair of the Board of Sweden-based Investor AB, in Beijing on Wednesday, October 11.

During the meeting, Han stated that China’s current policy will remain unchanged in the course of advancing Chinese modernization. This will according to Han, bring more space for the development of the China-Sweden, as well as the China-EU, economic and trade cooperation.

“China is willing to strengthen communication with Sweden on the basis of mutual respect, trust, equality and mutual benefit,” Han said.

He expressed the hope that the Swedish business community will continue to have a positive impact on strengthening China’s relationship and cooperation with the EU.

Wallenberg expressed his support for the good and stable relations between Sweden and China, as well as between the EU and China. He added that he hope to find more ways to promote dialogue between the EU, the US and China, and to assist the sustainable development of the global economy.


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