Discover investment and opportunities for the Swedish Business Community in Davao City PH 


On 28 July, the ECCP – European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in Manila, Philippine Embassy in Stockholm, DTI-PTIC Stockholm, and Davao City Investment Promotion Center, invites the Swedish Business Community to join the webinar on NOW (New Opportunities Waiting) in Davao City. 

More about the event:

Sweden is a development partner of the Philippines and is considered the country’s 43rd largest trading partner. To date, there are 40 Swedish companies successfully established in the Philippines.

The Philippines offers many opportunities for Swedish companies in different industries and Davao City is an attractive destination for investment, particularly in tourism, agribusiness, manufacturing, and property development. 

Davao is a desirable location for individuals seeking to benefit from fiscal incentives given the wide variety of investment opportunities available. Before the unprecedented economic crisis, Davao’s vibrant economy indicated strong performances with a 9.4% GRDP growth rate, 6.3% value of investment growth rates, and a 6.1% number of establishments growth rate. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Davao continues to demonstrate a diversified economy as well as a robust and accelerating business sector, which makes it a hive of investment opportunities.

This webinar will provide the Swedish Business Community an overview of the growing business opportunities in Davao that you can explore, share insights on how ECCP & DCIPC can ably facilitate your business entry and expansion in the country, and present the attractive incentives available to foreign investors.

This is a FREE event. Find more information and sign up here

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