Chinese Yutong delivers 55 e-buses to Denmark

A total of 55 electric busses from the Chinese manufacturer Yutong have just been delivered via Kreolis multinational transportation company in Denmark. The e-busses will be used for two projects in Denmark with 35 to go on the roads in greater Copenhagen and the remaining 20 will go to the smaller city of Odense in Denmark.

The twelve-meter-long e-busses can sit up to 62 passengers and are supposed to offer a range of up to 350 kilometers in the ideal case. The e-busses are expected to start operating in Odense as early as this spring and from June 2021 in Copenhagen. The operation in Copenhagen will start later because a new depot including charging infrastructure still has to be completed there and until then, the buses will be parked in Odense. The ticketing and bus IT systems are already to be installed there.

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