Christer Holmvall is new SSS Chairman

Christer Holmvall, an active member of the Golf section of Scandinavian Society Siam, was elected new Chairman of Scandinavian Society Siam at the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 23 April. Another new member of the board was Savija Korslund.CAM00515~2

Outgoing Chairman Robert Kronberg left the board in high standing after three years of dedicated service, the last two as Chairman of the almost 100-year-old association of Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns in Thailand.

The remaining board members were all re-elected. They are Christina Hammarlund, Thordur Adalsteinsson, Claus Gundersen, Lars Anderson, and Knut Hauslo.

The AGM took place at Rembrandt Hotel and the members were treated to a full course sit-down dinner in the Senor Pico Restaurant after the AGM, supervised by General Manager Eric Hallin and David Nilsson of Rembrandt hotel.

The activities of the past year was presented by Robert Kronberg, including the financial report. He was assisted by Christina Hammarlund regarding the membership situation – counting over 200 members – by Thordur Adalsteinsson regarding the Bulletin and the website, by Erik Dahlstrom regarding the golf section and by Gregers Moller regarding the heritage section.

A special task of this year’s meeting was to merge the new legal foundation of the SSS, the articles of association that have been registered with the Thai authorities, with the old ByLaws of the SSS. The members voted unanimously for the new set of ByLaws worked out by Claus Gundersen and Gregers Moller, that synchronizes the two documents in all key aspects.


Christer Holmvall, second from left, with the mostly re-elected board: Thordur Adalsteinsson, Christina Hammarlund, Lars Andersson, Savija Korslund (new board member) – and Knut Hauslo.

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