Civil society organisations: Let’s brainstorm sustainibility in Indonesia


The Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) organises seminars to gather civil society organisations in prioritised rainforest countries.

Frida Skjæraasen from Norad’s (Norad is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) Civil Society Department  travelled to the headquarters of the Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor, Indonesia to meet the civil society organisations in person.

“It is useful to get together and gain a deeper insight into the challenges and opportunities the organisations face in their work to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable development,” Frida Skjæraasen says.

On the occasion of the conference in Jakarta, CIFOR and The Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta made a video about Indonesia’s work on reducing deforestation and the civil society’s crucial role in promoting this. (You can watch the video on

“These meetings also provides an opportunity to communicate what NICFI is, which in turn may contribute to managing expectations “on the ground” in rainforest countries,” says Frida Skjæraasen.

The climate agreement in Paris has created momentum in the discussions about greenhouse gas emissions. International efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (REDD +) were highlighted as important part of the climate solution.

In lights of the Paris Agreement, the Indonesian organisations were asked to pinpoint the most relevant issues in their country.

A recurring feedback was that Indonesia’s climate action plan should be reviewed, elaborated upon and integrated with other strategic plans in the country. They also discussed how to increase cooperation among themselves to push for these changes.

“These meetings are an opportunity to promote dialogue between civil society organisations so they can exchange opinions and experiences among themselves,” says Frida Skjæraasen.

There is another upcoming event for civil society, other professionals and leaders hosted by the Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative on 14 and 15 June 2016.

Approximately 500 participants will gather in Norway to exchange ideas, experiences and perspectives on the conference Oslo REDD Exchange.



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