Cool Scandinavian brands a focal point at Uncensored

The Bangkok-based exhibitional retail space, Uncensored, showcases designer clothing and accessories for men with a wide array of Danish and Swedish brands in their collections.

Danish frontrunner designers, such as Henrik Vibskov, Wood Wood and Libertine Libertine along with Swedish equivalents, Happy Socks, Uniforms for the Dedicated and more, fill up the shelves and hangers, along with brands from other countries, at Uncensored outlets in Siam Paragon and Emporium mall.

Uncensored Holiday Store, Siam Paragon
Uncensored Holiday Store, Siam Paragon

Uncensored also recently opened their first solo brand store for Denmark’s Soulland at the extravagant Central Embassy mall. So, it is fair to say that Scandinavian brands are a focal point for the retail company.

“The way the fashion is designed (in Sweden and Denmark) is very cool and original, but it is also very practical and comfortable to wear, “ Kum, part owner of Uncensored, said. The feeling of wearing unique styled clothing, that stays in shape is important, whether you are cycling to work in Copenhagen or walking around in a 30-plus degree in a city like Bangkok.

Kum feels that the majority of homegrown men’s fashion in Thailand is either too flamboyant or too simplistic, so the Scandinavian designs, in many cases, strike a good balance.

“Our ambition is to give the local consumers wider choices, things that they have never seen in Bangkok before. A designer like Henrik Vibskov, for instance, is a true artist,” Kum said. Henrik Vibskovs clothing mixes both the masculine and feminine in a vintage style, with urban and modern tones to match.

Kumphanart “Kum” Chaivorarat, Sirigunya “Gift” Jansakulpon. the middle is Pod Moderndog, UnCENSORED’s Muse and a very popular singer in Thailand.
Kumphanart “Kum” Chaivorarat, Sirigunya “Gift” Jansakulpon. Between them is Pod Moderndog, ,UnCENSORED’s Muse and a very popular singer in Thailand.

36-year-old Kumphanart “Kum” Chaivorarat, and his 33-year-old wife and part-owner of the company, Sirigunya  “Gift” Jansakulpon, launched Uncensored in 2013. The latter already a noted fashion designer, while Kum has been in the export business, prior to their fashion retailing  enterprise.

They go to the Copenhagen Fashion Week every year to pick out items for their collections and to expand their working relationships with brand designers.


Kum believes that the male population in Thailand, and Bangkok particularly, are becoming more and more aware of fashion, outgoing and discerning in their choices of  distinctive styled clothing and outfits. And the unique selection at Uncensored fits the trend.

“Our concept  is to be yourselves and dress just like you want to. No need to be afraid to stand out from the crowd,” Kum stressed. He hopes that in the future Uncensored  will be able to expand with more single-brand stores like Soulland at Central Embassy. So far the two-year-old business seems to be heading in a promising direction.


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