Court rules on deportation – Five year old Fimm stays in Denmark

Today the court in Denmark ruled on whether five year old Fimm Na Thiban would be allowed to stay in Denmark, which has been his home since he was born, or if he should be deported to Thailand. Then, this afternoon, his stepfather Ole Heegard received the happy news on the phone. Fimm can stay in Denmark. It was only the ruling that was delivered by the court. Grounds have not yet been informed.

The trial has raised public protests and outrage. Supporters have created a  different Facebook pages to support five year old Fimm Na  Thiban where people can express their support. All in all the pages have more than 8000 members. A petition has been made collecting more than 2500 signatures from Danes against the deportation. Fimm’s fifteen year old sister, Thipsuda was also set to be deported.

Although not his biological father, Dane Ole Heegaard has since Fimm’s first months been acting as his guardian. Ole Heegaard and his wife from Thailand, Noppore Na Thiban, divorced and she moved back to Thailand. However, she wished that her son to stay in Denmark with Ole Heegaard as he has been as a father for the boy from the beginning. She did not feel that she could care for the boy if he was deported to Thailand and that a foster home might have been the only alternative.

“I wish him to stay with Ole. He has a better future in Denmark than with me in Thailand. He is much closer to his dad than he is to me,” said Noppore Na Thiban to TV2-News.

Finn Na Thiban also wished to stay in Denmark but the Ministry of Justice and Immigration Service decided that the boy should go.

“I am his father. We are two peas in a pod,” says Ole Heegaard.




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