DanCham Executive Director Resigned

According to an announcement on DanCham website, Ms. Savija Pannark Korslund for personal reasons has resigned as Executive Director of the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Effecting on Jan 1, her resignation came after a year and a half of working at DanCham – she was appointed the position in June 2011.

Mrs. Savija Pannark Korslund is Thai, but holds Danish nationality and thus speak both languages.

Korslund wrote in a statement to DanCham members: “It is not easy to part with DanCham, but a combination of personal and professional reasons compels me to take this difficult step and move on.”

“During our work at the DanCham office and on the Board, I feel I have grown professionally and I look back with fondness on all the successful events, networkings, field trips and seminars we have conducted but – more than anything – I cherish the fact that my time with DanCham has allowed me to get to know so many lovely people personally,” she wrote.

Until a new Executive Director is in place, DanCham’s two assistants Ditte Rosenquist and Paranee Jansawake will manage the day to day matters at the Chamber reporting to the undersigned and supported by the Board Chairpersons of DanCham.

DanCham is now drafting new applications to seek replacement for the vacant position. More details will be announced on DanCham.or.th.

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