Dane was stable enough for gender reassignment operation in Thailand but not in Denmark

Rigshospitalet, one of Denmark’s largest hospitals and the most highly specialized hospital in Copenhagen declared Danish Mie Chronberg stable enough for a gender reassignment operation in Thailand but not in Denmark, Danish daily Ekstra Bladet reports.

To Ekstra Bladet, 46-year-old Mie Chronberg speaks about the gender change process in Denmark and why it is criticized by many transgender people.

For 42 years Mie Chronberg has lived with a feeling that something was wrong. When she finally realized that she was transgender, she began an investigative process at Rigshospitalet to start her transitioning to become the gender she feels on the inside.

When she in 2018 requested to be placed on a waiting list for an operation, the hospital rejected her request and declared that she was not mentally stable enough to undergo the procedure at the hospital. Just a few months before, however, the same psychologist had approved Mie Chronberg for a self-paid operation in Thailand.

“So she thought that I was too mentally unstable to be placed on a waiting list for an operation in Denmark, but stable enough for a foreign operation that I had to pay for myself. It makes no sense?” Mie says to Ekstra Bladet. “My experience was clear that it was nice enough to send me to Thailand because then the hospital would not have to pay for it, Mie Chronberg says.

Mie Chronberg ended up paying DKK 110.000 for her surgery abroad herself and in addition, she has also paid DKK 140.000 for breast implants and hormones because the process for approval at Rigshospitalet is, according to her, too long and stressful. Mie Chronberg suffered from stress and according to her, that was precisely why the psychologist refused to recommend Mie Chronberg for a Danish gender reassignment operation.

Mie Chronberg accuses Rigshospitalet of dragging out the process and says that the system becomes too stressful and then the system uses that stress factor to declare patients mentally unstable. “It is simply not right. You make healthy people sick,” Mie Chronberg says.

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