Danes move abroad for personal development

Danes move abroad for personal development  – not to escape the high Danish taxation. That is one of the findings in a new survey conducted among 1.004 Danes.

The surveyed Danes were asked if they were interested in moving a broad to work. Among the ones who said yes, 28 pct pointed to the high Danish taxation as a reason why they might consider moving abroad. In comparison 48 pct said personal development and better carer opportunities could tempt them.

Secretary General of Danes World Wide, Anne Marie Dalgaard is not surprised. The economy is secondary, she says.

“To put it a bit in black and white, then I believe you can divide people into the ones with the adventure gene and the ones with the comfort gene. The ones with the adventure gene will move abroad with or without the tax issue,” she says to the Danish daily Politiken.

Other comments in the article are from politicians and the Danish Industrial confederation. These comments focus more on the 28 pct respondents, who mention the taxation as a reason, and find this alarming.



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