Danes world’s most proficient non-native English speakers

Adults in Denmark are the best non-native speakers of English in the world according to a report released by Education First (EF).

The English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) is based on the findings of a global survey of 750,000 adults across 63 nations and territories. In it, Danish adults take the top spot followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway – confirmation that the Nordic countries pretty much dominate.

Photo: Freepenguin - Eget arbejde. Licensed under Creative Commons
Photo: Freepenguin – Eget arbejde. Licensed under Creative Commons

Some interesting trends
The findings of the extensive report further highlighted some interesting trends.

Worldwide, English proficiency among adults is rising, although this increase is far from uniform in all countries and all populations.

In Denmark, the 35-44 age group are the most proficient non-native speakers, with women scoring higher than men. This trend was not limited to Denmark and is reflected globally.

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