Dane arrested for selling drugs in Pattaya

Photo credit: Samart Thongserm, Pattaya Regional Reporter

A 51-year-old Danish man, John Finn Ørsted Meyer Jensen, a long time resident of Pattaya, was according to Pattaya News arrested on Saturday 23 January 2021 on charges of selling illegal drugs. The Dane was arrested at the Starbuck restaurant in Bangkok Pattaya Hospital after an undercover police investigator had made a deal with him to purchase 10 grams of Yabba for the price of THB 10.000 (THB 1000 per gram) with a 5.000 THB as down-payment.

Pattaya News reported that the arrest was carried out by a team of Region 2 Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) led by Lt. Col. Dulyaphat Techaporn. Following the arrest, Police has seized assets suspected to be related to his drug-selling operation including properties and vehicles at total value of THB 10,690.000. The police said, the charges would include selling narcotics category 1 (methamphetamine/ice) for distribution as well as a variety of other drug-related charges over the past six to seven years. 

The Danish man has reportedly become affluent in the area, purchasing several real estate properties in the form of multiple condominiums and a house. Following the arrest, Region 2 Police confiscated 12 grams of methamphetamine, 8 tablets of Kamagra, and 83 grams of liquid ketamine along with 4.5 tablets of Yabba found at one of John Finn’s properties.

Full article here: Pattaya News

Photo credit: Samart Thongserm, Pattaya Regional Reporter

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