Danish ambassador meets Thai minister for public health

Exploring possiblities for bilateral cooperation in the field of healthcare

On the 25th of January 2017, Denmark’s Thailand Ambassador Uffe Wolffhechel met with Minister for Public Health, H.E. Clin. Prof. Emeritus Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn. The meeting focused on issues relating to diabetes and elderly care as the two countries have a common interest in these areas.

It was agreed to initiate a research study on the burden of complications relating from diabetes in Thailand and how to prevent them. The study would map the cost of diabetes and complications resulting from diabetes and point towards possible preventive measures e.g. early access to treatment, changing of life style, training of doctors, nurses, patients & families/communities, etc.

The Ambassador and the Minister also discussed the possibility for collaboration in the field of elderly care as the population segment of elderlies is growing in both countries.

Source: Embassy of Denmark, Bangkok

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  1. How is it with Danes, tourists or living a big part of the year, or the whole year, and when in need of health care here in Thailand, they all have insurance or not to pay for care or do they like som many Swedes rely on what we in Sweden call social tourism, and state hospitals get unpaid bills?

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