Danish artist and architect Crossing Over in Bangkok

National Gallery in Bangkok presents Danish art, design and architecture with the opening of “Crossing Over” on January 29th, – all from the hands of one person, artist and architect Marco Evaristti. There is plenty of time to visit the exhibition at The National Gallery – it closes on 26. February 2013.

Marcus Evaristti has proven himself, an artist that crosses over. He crosses the boundaries of art by painting conflicting landscapes such as a red Iceberg in Greenland or a fish in a functioning blender, offering the imagination of the audience to decide the fate of the fish. Beside from challenging conventional art he also crosses borders in architecture.


The opening was well received by many and also attended by other distinguished guests, including Danish Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther, who also held an opening speech on behalf of the Danish artist. It turns out the Ambassador was already a fan of the artist’s work, when having the first opportunity to visit his gallery in Copenhagen where he witnessed a variety of art that the artist pieces.

But this is not Mr. Evaristti’s first exhibition in Bangkok; the first he did was twenty years ago.

“I think I was waiting for the right place, the right time. I didn’t feel like to make a show because to make a show, I can do whenever I want. Now, it’s the right opportunity and the right time because I opened a studio in Bangkok four months ago and I want to introduce my studio in Thailand. That’s why it’s today. I didn’t want to do it – just to do an exhibition. It has to be a meaning why I have to do it,” he stated.

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The intention of the exhibition, Crossing Over, was to talk about the fundamental intrinsic value that lies in “crossing over”. The exhibition tells this basic narrative through a piece of Danish art and design history that on several levels “crosses over”. Marco Evaristti is Danish, but even someone who has crossed borders and nationalities, and in his work breaks boundaries – arts own internal borders and boundaries between various forms of expression.

Marcus Evaristti and Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther
Marcus Evaristti and the Ambassador Mikael Hemniti Winther

Marco Evaristti, born in Chile in 1963, lives and works in Denmark and – in recent years – Thailand.

Evaristti, who was born in Chile and moved to Denmark in his youth, studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy where he graduated in 1994. His professor, the world famous architect Henning Larsen, saw Evaristti´s strong potential for the arts and challenged him to pursue that talent as well.

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