Danish breakfast dialogue series in Malaysia continues: AEC

Yet another interesting breakfast dialogue at the Danish residence was held on 4 November 2015.


The Malaysian Danish Business Council (MDBC) in collaboration with the Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted the event.

The topic this time was ASEAN ‪and the implications of the ASEAN Economic Community‪ were debated yesterday. Mr Hans Vriens of Vriens & Partners gave a presentation on the political and business dynamics of key ASEAN members and what it means for the future economic integration of Southeast-Asia.

As usual, the opening presentation was followed by a lively debate. Looking into the future, the impact of AEC is still somewhat blurry, and Mr. Vriens emphasised that full integration in the sense of free movement of goods, services and human capital will take a long time. But the foundation for a prosperous community is certainly there.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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