Danish Business Council talk on Malaysian election

The recent Malaysian election was one of the most hectic in the history of the country and marked an end to the 61-year rule by Barisan Nasional and put the Pakatan Harapan coalition at the political top.

Mr Yin Shao Loong holds the breakfast dialogue. Photo: Malaysian Danish Business Council

A change like that will naturally enforce a change in the political society, which is something you don’t want to ignore as a business.

And 31st of May the Malaysian Danish Business Council (MDBC) held a breakfast seminar withStrategic Communications Director for the new Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Yin Shao Loong.

At the seminar Mr Loong and the participants discussed the topic ‘Malaysia’s 14th General Election and the Aftermath’

“Mr Shao Loong provided participants with interesting insights into the events that took place on 9th and 10th of May, he shed light on the many actions taken by the new government in the last few weeks and presented his prospects for the months to come,” the council writes and reports of 40 participants. 

And the MDBC will continue to hold events focusing on the current shift in the Malaysian society:

“Developments are currently taking place at a rapid pace, and we hope to host more Breakfast dialogues to help MDBC members stay up to date and gain valuable insights into the landscape of ‘New Malaysia’.”


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