Danish colourful art in Kuala Lumpur

International art exhibition in Kuala Lumpur connects artists from six countries. Among the creative minds is Danish artist Charlotte Donvang.

Charlotte Donvang has been living in Malaysia since 2003 and in Thailand before that.

Her passion is to spread joy with art, colour and creativity. About her art she says:

I love colours. They express more than words and are fabulous international languages talking to the heart and soul independent of age, culture and language. The colours speak to the subconscious mind and can teach us a lot about ourselves.

Charlotte Donvang presents three acrylic paintings at the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur: Mind of the Soul, Intuitive Mind and Transcending Reality.

Other artists are from France, Germany, Malaysia, Korea and Iran.

Exhibition: ART connexion International Artists
Venue: Matic Art Gallery
Date: runs until June 30


Charlotte’s own thoughts behind her three paintings 


Transcending Reality

Our reality is not always obvious even though it might appear so. We see… yet sometimes we don’t! We might think we want our world to be a certain way yet we don’t believe that this would be possible… so we can’t see it and to us it is not real! We might only see the negative, the bad and the ugly because we trained our mind to do so… but what about the good, can we see that? It’s just as real…!

What if we tried again and began to transcend the negative reality be replacing it with loving thoughts? By letting go of what is not supporting our being? By believing in the good of all and that love and goodness is everywhere we look?

What can you do to transcend the negative sides of your reality?


Mind of the Soul

We think we feel… and when we feel we think. Two actions that we often link, yet, should we really think more… or feel more? And where in the body is it we feel what we feel?

Often in life we feel the urge to do certain things and sometimes it is something completely different to what we are normally doing. We might feel a cry, a call, a sadness, a wish… or maybe a dream from deep deep inside.

It normally starts as a silent whisper… but our logic mind might not allow us to hear and feel it. So we discard it… and the cry or the call continues if it is the voice of the soul and our purpose that we ignore. It will keep on calling for attention until we are in a position to hear it and start taking action.

Are you allowing yourself to feel what’s really on your mind and in your heart?

Skærmbillede 2015-06-25 kl

Intuitive Mind 

Sometimes we put on a helmet of protection so we can’t hear what is really being said by others… or by ourselves!

Our whole life we have been conditioned to uniformity, to follow systems, schools, to set goals, to push our dreams aside for tomorrow… conditioned to conform, to study, to

earn money and not really listen to our hearts. That’s why we might not feel confident, creative or good enough, especially if we are not like everybody else. But we are not like everybody else! There is only one of each of us… and our intuition knows that!

Are you allowing yourself to listen to your intuition?



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  1. It was a joy to see Charlotte Donvang’s paintings and read her comments. We need this in times where you whatever news media you open nearly only read about terror, hate and other miseries. I hope to visit Charlotte’s mother Jette Herne and Alex and their “Jettestue” paa Fur in July to see the same joy of art and nature.

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