Danish company discuss collaboration with Siriraj Hospital


Danish company discuss collaboration with Siriraj Hospital

OpenTeleHealth, a Danish company specialising in health monitoring, met with one of Thailand’s leading public hospitals, Siriraj Hospital on Wednesday 8 February 2017, accompanied by the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.

Thailand, like Denmark, witnesses an aging population, which increasingly is diagnosed with treatable diseases. Increasing diagnostics together with an aging population puts added pressure on hospital beds and treatment in both countries.

OpenTeleHealth delivers an open remote health monitoring platform, so that patients can monitor their own condition at home and doctors and nurses can access the patient data from a web portal. This lets the hospitals prioritize patients and evaluate whether the patient’s condition is improving to see it the daily treatment is working as intended.

Siriraj Hospital witnesses the trend towards better and more diagnostics. An important and preliminary discussion between Siriraj Hospital and Open TeleHealth was initiated. As a starting point, both parties are working on the foundations for a pilot project, intended to put a light on how this platform can support treatment in Thailand. In a long run, the hope is that the project will establish a basis for implementation on a larger scale.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok

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