Danish consultancy’s Vietnam delegation trip

In early January 2017 the Danish consultancy AndersenB2B and Ho Chi Minh City Investment and Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) arranged the Andersen Consult Business Delegation to Vietnam.

The organisers created an exciting B2B matchmaking event with the aim to proliferate the mutual opportunities of business collaboration between the Danish delegates and local companies in Vietnam.  AndersenB2B also reported that the Danish ambassador to Vietnam, Charlotte Laursen respectfully visited the delegation. On the first day of the delegation the ambassador gave a short introduction to Vietnam.

“The purpose of our participation was to expand our database of foreign companies interested in doing business with our Danish members of the AndersenB2B network. We have spread the word of AndersenB2B in Vietnam and the positive responses we received have been overwhelming,” reported AndersenB2B. “We are looking forward to facilitating contact and enabling business opportunities between our Danish members and our newly initiated Vietnamese companies – We are ready to follow up on the activities in Vietnam for the AndersenB2B-members who attended the delegation.“

AndersenB2B is a part of Andersen Consult, an internationalisation consultancy specialised in providing advice on establishment and development of enterprises in growth economies on the basis of Danish entrepreneurs’ knowledge and skills. The Andersen Consult mission is about internationalisation and reaching global business opportunities for our clients with a particular focus on emerging markets.

Andersen Consult emphasises a hands-on approach to the development of profitable business opportunities on our target markets. They work with all sizes of enterprises, utilising cluster approaches to manage larger scale tasks and provide quality assurance to the business processes via networking at home and abroad.

Andersen Consult state that their access to key decision makers, both private and public, is vast and they take pride in being able to take their clients from idea to invoice.

“Every market holds opportunities, no matter its level of development. Andersen Consult’s speciality is to identify the right opportunity and combine it with the right business entity. Andersen Consult is highly experienced in developing challenging and eye-opening business missions where the key objective is matching business-ready entrepreneurs.”

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