Danish Dance Theatre to perform in Beijing and Shanghai

Danish Dance Theatre is going to perform in China in November.

The performances will take place in Shanghai Yihai Theatre on 12-13 November at 7.30 pm and at Opera House of NCPA, Beijing on 16-17 November, at 7.30pm.

Read about the Danish Dance Theatre below.

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Danish Dance Theatre is Denmark’s largest and most widely acclaimed contemporary dance company – with 16 international dancers. The British born Tim Rushton took over the artistic leadership in 2001. Under his direction, the company has gained an international presence and enjoyed acclaim throughout Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.  Tim Rushton’s close collaboration with the dancers has bridged different styles and techniques that reflect the nuances of human existence. The vision of the Danish Dance Theatre is to push the borders of the perception of dance. The gap between contemporary and classical dance is the signature playground of Tim Rushton and the company.



Love Songs both describes and plays around with the idea of love. Tim Rushton has created a modern dance performance that is both warm and intimate, relating to the individuals lifelong journey to find love, as the scene moves from dingy realism right to the edge of kitsch, night club cruising.

“The whole idea with Love Songs was to create something which was straightforward and that played around with conventions, but at the same time being choreographically demanding and challenging – both for the dancers and myself as a choreographer. Jazz in itself is a powerful statement, and I’ve discovered that it gives something new and theatrical to my choreography.”

The music is composed of cherished jazz classics from the good old days. Originally sung by Ella, Louis, Billie and Sarah, and now reinterpreted by Denmark’s great jazz artist Caroline Henderson.

Come and enjoy an evening dedicated to love – a celebration of life!

Choreographer Tim Rushton has stated:

“Since Love Songs premiered at the Royal Danish Theatre in May 2011, it has toured to 56 national and international venues and theatres.

Danish Dance Theatre has experienced a fantastic curiosity towards ‘Love Songs’. An experience which has been the same no matter if our company has been touring USA, Israel, Germany, Italy, Cypress, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania or Denmark.

So I’m very grateful that Danish Dance Theatre is finally back in China – where I in 2012 choreographed a piece for Beijing Dance Theatre – and where this time, I look forward to introducing the Chinese audience to ‘Love Songs’.

The whole idea with Love Songs was to create something which was straightforward and that played around with conventions, but at the same time being choreographically demanding and challenging – both for the dancers and myself as a choreographer. I have strived to create a contemporary dance performance that is both warm and intimate, relating to the common lifelong journey to find love. In ‘Love Songs’ the audience meet different characters: the shy girl, sitting on the sidelines that has fallen in love with the Don Juan of the dance floor; the couple that has been worn down by their lifelong struggles; the arrogant seducer and hopeful debutants.

Love Songs is a performance dedicated to love, a performance that I am especially excited to share with our growing Chinese audience“.



Tim Rushton (MBE) was born in Birmingham in 1963, educated at the Royal Ballet Upper School and danced with a variety of northern European ballet companies until the mid-1990s. While a dancer at The Royal Danish Ballet he decided to pursue a choreographic career.

Rushton quickly made his mark as a creator of contemporary dance using classical technique and by 2001 he was appointed Artistic Director of the Danish Dance Theatre. Over the last 12 years Rushton has transformed DDT into a multi award winning company. Under his leadership the company has gained an international presence and enjoyed critical and popular acclaim throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Asia pacific.

Tim Rushton’s contemporary choreographic style draws on his vast experience as a dancer and choreographer. His work, often described as ‘emotionally-led, reflecting the nuances of human relationships’, often mixes live music, stunning lighting and design features, and is, as he himself says, a means to communicate human emotion.

Tim Rushton collaborates with writers, designers, visual artists and composers. The music he uses has varied from classical masterpieces to jazz, beat and newly commissioned compositions.

MBE (Tim Rushton was appointed ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire’ for his services to dance by the British Queen in her 2011 New Year Honours.)

“Mr. Rushton knows how to make things happen” – THE NEW YORK TIME

Tim Rushton has choreographed for:

Danish Dance Theatre

The Royal Danish Ballet

Rambert Dance Company

The Royal Swedish Ballet

The Scottish National Ballet

The Finnish National Ballet

The Latvia National Ballet

Beijing Dance Theatre

Skåne Dance Theatre, Sweden

Love Songs:

Chorepgraphy: Tim Rushton

Taped music recorded by: Caroline Henderson, Nikolaj Hess,

Nicolai Munch Hansen & Jacob Høyer.

Lighting Design: Thomas Bek/Jacob Bjerregaard

Costume Design: Charlotte Østergaard

Set Design: Johan Kølkjær & Tim Rushton


Tim Rushton: Artistic Director

Anne-Kari Ravn: Business Manager

Hilary Briggs: Rehearsal Director

Lars Vind-Andersen: Producer

Lasse Brejner: Fundraiser


Maxim-Jo Beck McGosh

Stefanos Bizas

Luca Marazia

Emily Nicolaou

Björn Nilsson

Milou Nuyens

Erik Nyberg

Ana Sendas

Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Fabio Liberti

Arina Trostyanetskaya

Csongor Szabo

Joel Fritzon

Jernej Bizjak

Maria Pilar Abaurrea

Elena Martínez Ibar

Technicians: Jacob Bjerregaard & Sune Bang.


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