Danish demo-farm to kickstart Chinese milk sector


A load of milking equipment from the Danish company S. A. Christensen & Co. (SAC) are being sent to China. According to the Kolding-based SAC the Chinese milksector owns big potential. Therefore they are now established a new Danish-Chinese coorporation where a project regarding a “demonstration farm” are going to be a tool to modernize the Chinese milk sector and overall make it more effective.

According to head of sales- and marketing to SAC Niels Erik Bendtsen evaluates the Chinese potential is worth a billion amount, especially in the province of Heilongjiang who is the second biggest ”milk-region” in China.

“Danmark has a strong history within milk production compared to China, who is considered being a more ”young” nation,” Niels Erik Bendtsen says.

The coorporative agreement has been settled between Seges and the Chinese farmer giant China HeiLong-Jiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative. The Danish dairy giant Arla will also participate in the new project.

The fall 2016 it has been considered to receive the first experiences from the first demonstration farms.

Sources: www.fodevarewatch.dk

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