Danish Embassy brings African music to Malaysia

Moussa Diallo, a half Danish, half Malian musician, shard his music and experience Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. On Thursday 30 March 2017, he visited the Danish Embassy where he did a story telling. The story telling was under the theme “The Man and the Music” where he shared his life story while playing Malian music with one of the students from UiTM Faculty of Music.


Moussa Diallo stayed in Malaysia for four days. During his stay, he hosted workshops and seminars for the students at UiTM Faculty of Music.

On Moussa Diallo’s last night in Malaysia, his stay culminated in concert at KuAsh Theatre. Together with talented students from UiTM Faculty of Music, he performed a concert under the theme ‘African Wisdom under the Stars – When the Drum calls for Dance.’

The students and Moussa Diallo had only had six hours of practice together before the big concerts, which was arranged in collaboration between UiTM Faculty of Music and the Danish Embassy in Malaysia.


Source: Embassy of Denmark in Kuala Lumpur

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