Danish Embassy, other diplomats celebrate Hanoi anniversary

On October 12, around 600 diplomats from 27 embassies and international organizations were gathered in the streets of Hanoi for a bicycle ride. On the occasion of Hanoi’s 60th Anniversary of Liberation Day and 15 years anniversary of UNESCO recognition of Hanoi as The City for Peace, the event was arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to raise awareness on the increasingly important focus on a green and sustainable future.

Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam
Photo: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

“Today’s bicycle event give us an opportunity of meeting in a less formal way and to join hands for a sustainable environment and way of living”, said Jacob Green from the Danish Embassy in his speech. And positive changes do take place in countries all around the world these years. In Denmark almost 50 % of the daily transportation to and from work is now on bicycle and especially young people go by bike. In Copenhagen, which has been awarded as European Green Capital 2014, there are build special “bicycle highways” making it faster and more convenient to bike the Green Capital.

In Vietnam there is also an increased focus on the green agenda, and especially more and more young people choose to bicycle, often preferring the electric bike. “The people of Vietnam – and all of us – are focussing more and more on a green and sustainable future. By the event today we are all celebrating and supporting this important focus” concluded Jacob Green. Several colleagues from the Danish Embassy participated at the event.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam

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