Danish firms to take lead in decent work, environment in Vietnam

The Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen just launched a new prize for Danish companies and their partners abroad who make a special effort to demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR). trademinister

“Danish companies must take the lead in terms of ensuring decent working and environmental conditions when they set up production and do business abroad. I will therefore, together with IFU, Investment Fund for Developing Countries, place positive focus on companies’ CSR abroad. We will do so by drawing attention to good examples of Danish companies that have made an extraordinary effort to promote CSR in developing countries and emerging markets,” says the Danish Minister.

Around 130 Danish companies are doing business in Vietnam today and many of them have introduced high CSR standards. The Danish Embassy just recently hosted a CSR seminar in Ho Chi Minh City counting more than 80 Danish companies and their Vietnamese business partners. With one of the world’s highest standards of CSR, Denmark and the Danish Embassy in Vietnam wish to contribute to the further advancement of corporate social responsibility in Vietnam. The new prize, CSR Abroad, will be awarded to a company which has shown that good business, strategic CSR and compliance with international standards for social, environmental and economic development can go hand in hand.

The deadline for signup is 14 August 2014. For further information please visit http://www.ifu.dk/en/service/news-and-publications/news/new-prize-to-reward-companies-csr-abroad. For an overview on the Danish Embassy’s services on CSR please visit: http://vietnam.um.dk/en/the-trade-council/

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