Danish Football Player is laid off after 5 months in Malaysia

Philip Lund when presented at DRB-HICOM in the beginning of February.
Philip Lund when presented at DRB-HICOM in the beginning of February.

Philip Lund checked in at Kuala Lumpur and the Asian football scene at February 1, just 4 and a half month ago, with ambitions to make his name famous around Malaysian – and later Asian – football stadiums, he told ScandAsia. 

For now the dream suffers a blow, as Lund has been released from his 1-year-contract with Malaysian football club DRB-HICOM FC due to an unusual explanation.

Club-owner at DRB-HICOM apparently wasn’t satisfied with Lund’s amounts of goals – a peculiar explanation as Lund role as a striker has been rethought by the team’s coach.

“My position as a striker was changed to midfielder, as I where to fall back and help build up the play. The board apparently did not agree with coach about this, as I was brought to the club as an attacker that where to score a lot of goals. Instead I “only” set up goals – and 8 assists in 12 games apparently wasn’t enough for the board,” Lund says to Danish media bold.dk.

He also explains that he was happy in Malaysia and that the break up was surprising as DRB-HICOM was having a good season according to Lund.

The Dane was, as on of the cherry-picked foreigners in the club, under enormous pressure.

“I felt the pressure on me was great, but that was understandable as I were better than the others. I never felt though that I couldn’t preform under the pressure and as a foreigner one is expected to make the difference,” he reports to bold.dk.

“I din’t mind that, because I played some really good games. But it felt like that whenever we lost a game the fault was on me. This responsibility was fine with me – but the way it was performed was not.”

Lund won’t comment on what he specifically experienced when the team lost. But he is clarified with the break up.

“At last they presented som explanations and accusations that convinced me that going apart was the best solution,” he says and adds that the dream of breakthrough in the far east hasn’t gone up in smoke.

“More is needed to stop me than than a spontaneous act by a business-man who doesn’t know the first thing about football. The East could still be a possibility but as this is said I’m also happy to return to Denmark,” he says to bold.dk.

Philip Lund has been playing in several Danish clubs, in USA and before exploring Malaysia he won the Faroe Islands league title with B36 Tórshavn.

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