Danish funded photo exhibition displays cultures of ethnic minority in Vietnam

On Saturday November 10th, Danish Ambassador, John Nielsen opened the photo exhibition “My Culture – Conversation in Open Spaces”. The exhibition displays photos taken by ethnic minority people describing their local cultural activities and traditions.

Ambassador John Nielsen, together with a representative from the ethnic minorities officially opening the exhibition. (Embassy of Denmark, Vietnam)

The photo project, carried out by the Vietnamese NGO The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE), aims at displaying ethnic minority cultures to the general public, thereby fostering a greater understanding and inclusion of minorities in the Vietnamese society.

In the opening speech, the Ambassador emphasised the importance of human rights and inclusion of ethnic minorities; “Ethnic minorities and other social vulnerable groups are always the target groups in Danish development cooperation programs. We believe that the ethnic minorities and other social vulnerable groups are an integral part of the society and they have every right to enjoy part of the prosperity and welfare
that Vietnam has achieved during the past years“.

Mr. La Thuong from the khmer ethnic minority in Soc Trang province presenting and describing his photography to ambassador John Nielsen.

The exhibition displays 143 photos taken by minority groups all around Vietnam. Not only has the role of the individuals holding the cameras been emphasised in the process but also the involvement of the community in discussing the beauty of their ethnic cultures. The project has thus strengthened the local ethnic minority cultures and helped secure ethnic diversity in Vietnam for the future.

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