Danish man charged with sex with minors in Philippines

Police investigators have gathered more evidence against a 54-year-old Danish man who was arrested earlier in January on charges of sex with minors. The man charged with rape could face life imprisonment, if convicted, the prosecutor’s office told Danish newspaper, BT. pedo

The 54-year-old Dane was arrested early morning on January 20 in his apartment while he was engaged in a sex acts with two girls aged 11 and 12. The girls had been taken from their homes along with a female pimp and he probably had paid the parents to abuse the girls. This is not unusual in some of the poorest countries like the Philippines.

A third girl – a 12-year-old – had also previously been sexually assaulted by the Dane reported to police what was happening.

At first, the man was charged with human trafficking and child abuse. A third charge of sexual relations with minors has now been raised to charge of rape.

The Dane was being held in prison in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center without bail. It is a maximum security prison with room for 1,600 particularly dangerous prisoners. The accused will remain there until the case was filed with the court on February 23.

Source: BT