Danish man released after two years in Cambodian prison

Sejr Gundel is now back with his mom in Denmark after two years in a Combodian prison – Photo: Birger A. Andersen

After sitting two years in a Cambodian prison under rough conditions Danish Sejr Gundel has now returned to his mom in Denmark, BT writes.

The Dane was locked up in 2019 after he was arrested by the Cambodian police with 0,1 grams of Methamphetamine in what Sejr Gundel claims were a setup. Sejr, who at the time was living in Thailand where he managed a restaurant with his wife, had gone to Cambodia to renew his visa. It was during this visit that Sejr made the mistake of taking a tiny bag of drugs to his guesthouse room where he was arrested.

“It was a setup. While I was drunk I was persuaded into taking the bag for free and then told to go to my guesthouse room with it. A few minutes later cops were pouring in. This mistake cost me everything in a matter of two seconds,” Sejr says and adds.
“An Argentine and three others were also arrested at the same time. That’s the way that police, lawyers, and others earn a lot of money down there.”

Sejr Gundel is here photographed at his arrest by the police. He is showing the bag of Methamphetamine – Photo: Cambodia police

According to Sejr Gundel the conditions in the Cambodian prison were horrible. He explains that hygiene was nonexistent, and 43 people were crammed into the same cell in the blazing heat which reached 45 degrees inside the prison. In addition, Sejr was also scared of the fellow prisoners he was living with.

“Most people were in there for smoking drugs but there were also murderers, pedophiles, and innocent people. The guy who was lying next to me on the floor had slit the throat of his sleeping dad. So I wasn’t sleeping too well,” Sejr Gundel explains.

Sejr Gundel also explains that he had to fight other prisoners on numerous occasions to show that he could take care of himself.

The Danish Lawyer, Henrik Hasseris Olesen, who has a lot of contacts in Cambodia played a big role in helping Sejr in the prison. Something that he was very happy to do knowing how the system works.

“Some might say that he has himself to blame for his faith. This is true but you also have to look at what is reasonable when he is locked up in a group cell with vermin and dirt under tropical heat in the middle of nowhere in Cambodia. The 0,1 gram of methamphetamine that he had on him doesn’t fill more than a cut-off fingernail and can be smoked in five minutes and cost DKK 100 on the street in Copenhagen. If you can even buy that small of a quantity, the only punishment back home in Denmark would be a fine of DKK 3000,” Henrik Hasseris Olesen says.

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