Danish party pushes for cap on Muslim immigrants

Putting immigration back at the top of political debate, a Danish opposition politician has urged tougher rules on Muslim immigrants to the western European country, calling for easier rules on the other hand for westerners. muslim-denmark

“It is not necessary to set the same requirements for everyone, because as a general rule there is a big difference in the ability and will to integrate between a Christian American or Swede and a Muslim Somali or Pakistani,” Inger Støjberg, political spokesperson for the liberal Venstre party, Denmark’s largest opposition party, wrote in an article for Berlingske, The Local reported on Wednesday, July 30.

“To say it directly, it is primarily Muslim immigrants who do not value democracy and freedom. In certain environments, they directly oppose it,” she wrote.

“Too many non-Western immigrants with Muslim backgrounds do not want our freedom-orientated society model.”

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