Danish People’s Party will respond to Foreign Ministers trip to China with a trip to Taiwan

In response to Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s trip to China, the Danish People’s Party (DF) will organize a trip to Taiwan for the Danish Parliament. This is according to the Danish newspaper Politiken.

“There’s no doubt that it’s of huge importance to many in Taiwan that they experience support from the free world. It will also send a signal to our American allies that the current Danish government is on the wrong China course,” says Anders Vistisen, the party’s foreign affairs spokesperson to Politiken.

The Danish People’s Party will organize the trip in collaboration with the Taiwanese trade delegation in Denmark. It is thereby not an official Parliamentary trip.

The trip is for the Danish parliament’s foreign affairs spokespeople, but several have already turned down the offer.

The Red-Green Alliance’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Trine Pertou Mach, is strongly critical.

“It is difficult to see DF’s so-called invitation as anything other than a media stunt. I find it ridiculous,” she writes in a message to Politiken.

Kim Edberg Andersen from New Right, Jesper Petersen from the Social Democratic Party and Sascha Faxe from the Alternative have also been dismissive of the trip.

It is difficult to understand the criticism, says Anders Vistisen following to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

Source: bt.dk

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