Danish ships to be issued with digital certificates

Denmark has as of 24 June 2016 put an end to the 100 years old tradition of certifying ships by means of old-fashioned certificates on paper – as one of the first countries in the world.

In most countries, certification is still carried out by printing, stamping and signing paper certificates and subsequently sending them around the world to be kept on board ships, the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth said in a press release.

Digital certification – or electronic certification which is the term used internationally – will put an end to these cumbersome procedures, reduce administrative workloads and pave the way for further maritime digitalisation.

The Minister for Business and Growth, Mr Troels Lund Poulsen:

”It is important for our businesses to embrace the digital era. Therefore it makes me proud that Denmark is one of the very first countries in the world to use electronic certification, which will reduce the administrative workload and save time and money in the maritime sector.”


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