Danish students’ NASA video of Moon orbitting Earth goes viral

A two-minute video made by two Danish PhD students David Pedersen and Andreas Jørgensen from the Danish Technical University (DTU) has become one of the most watched ever on the site of the American space agency NASA, reports Videnskab.dk.

Photo: NASA
Photo: NASA

The video, which was originally posted in December 2013, is the first in history to show the Moon orbiting Earth as seen from outerspace.

It has been described as “spectacular”, “epic”, “fantastic” and “amazing”.

Even Hollywood stars have commented on the NASA video.

“This is the most beautiful art I have ever seen,” posted Tom Hanks on Twitter.

The film, put together from still photographs, was captured by two cameras developed by John Leif Jorgensen and other researchers from DTU.

The cameras were fitted to the wing of NASA’s spacecraft Juno, which travelled through space to Jupiter.

Watch the video click here

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