Danish thinking inspires Chinese five-year energy plan

China’s next five-year energy plan is inspired by Danish thinking, says Martin Lidegaard, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Building. In an interview with Copenhagen Capacity the minister says that the Danish government recently signed an agreement with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

The Danish government has signed a detailed agreement with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). This specific plan, drawn up by the NDRC, could become extremely important for the future of global climate action, and also have an effect on Danish export opportunities, according to Copenhagen Capacity.

“It’s kind of crazy that we are contributing to China’s next five-year plan,” said Minister for Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard to Copenhagen Capacity. He is not doubting that the Danish climate and energy policies stand high in China’s favour, because we actually “made ​​it”. Meaning that Denmark has already reached far with a green transformation of the energy sector.

With the agreement, Danish officials and experts will be part of the collaboration on development of standards, which over time could be an advantage for Danish companies selling wind turbines, pumps, district heating and other energy efficient quality products to the Chinese market.

China is the world’s largest CO2 emitter, and to keep the global temperature increases at a maximum of two degrees, active Chinese involvement is required.




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