Danish TV finds adopted woman’s mother

Danish TV aired another program in the series “Sporloes” which replicates a search in Thailand for the biological mother of Saichon, a Thai woman who was born 28 years ago in a hospital in Bangkok. But the mother believed her child was stillborn.


Saichon has had a good life in Denmark, but now that she expects her first child she still feels an urge to meet her birth mother .

The program can be watched here until 23. September 2015


Disraporn Yatprom of ScandMedia / Scandinavian Publishing in Bangkok is the local guide taking the team to find the mother. Disraporn has helped doing the local research in  Thailand in numerous cases that has resulted in a TV production – and also some that did not result in a production.  A few times she has even provided a strictly private research to find a missing person in Thaland. She may be contacted on [email protected]

Here is another search which has been preserved on Vimeo – while most of the other programs have been taken off the server of DR.dk.
Sporløs (2010.09.09) on Vimeo

Video for sporløs i thailand

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