Dane crashed on ATV during vacation in Thailand, insurance refused to cover

The young woman crashed on an ATV during her vacation in Thailand. Stock Photo: Shibupavizha George / Unsplash

A young Danish woman fell down a slope and crashed a rented ATV during her vacation in Thailand last year but realized only afterward that her travel insurance did not cover the damages despite being told by her travel agency that the insurance would cover absolutely everything.

According to Danish media Ekstra Bladet, the young woman bought her travel tickets to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand through the Danish travel agency Kilroy and the agency also recommended a so-called bulletproof travel insurance which they stated: “would cover absolutely everything”.

It, therefore, came as a great surprise to the Danish woman after she crashed and damaged a rented ATV in Chiang Mai, Thailand, that her travel insurance through the Danish company Europæiske did not cover the damages of THB 36,266.3, which she was asked to pay on the spot.

The Danish woman contacted Kilroy and in an email response, Kilroy refused to help and stated the following, “We are sorry for your inconvenience, but in the end, insurance is meant as an insurance against illness and injury to you as a person, not as an insurance on things you may have broken during the trip.”

The Danish woman disagreed and stated that Kilroy had insisted that she bought the travel insurance before they could book ‘adventure extreme sports’ for her during her trip.

The case ended up in the Appeals Board for package travel and here it was agreed that the Danish woman was right to expect that the recommended travel insurance would cover the damages. Kilroy must therefore cover the damage to the ATV as well as legal expenses.

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