DCCC Shanghai Annual General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General meeting of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China Shanghai (DCCC Shanghai) was held on Banyan Tree on the Bund on 19th March 2015 where 33 individual and corporate members enjoyed a pleasant evening along with a 3-courses dinner.

“In 2014, the DCCC Shanghai held 73 events, big and small, with 1700 participants. Compared to our size, we remain to be one of the most active chambers, and we are one of the few, who managed to keep the average attendance up at a stable level. We strongly believe that this is the result that the board and secretariat continues to make great efforts in securing the quality of both, the content and the speakers,” Simon Lichtenberg told during the Chairman’s report.

After the Treasurer’s report by Niels Roed, the organization’s accounts and the budget were approved, followed by the most important part of the evening: the election of the new board. At the end of the program, Niina Sillanpää from MPS China presented the long-awaited Nordic Salary Survey in China.

According to the bylaws, a new Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected every second year. The current Vice Chairman Emil Hauch Jensen (Hohenstein Textile Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) was appointed by the consensual Board of Directors as the new Chairman, and Janus Castro Grimnitz (Royal Cargo Combined Logistics Shanghai Ltd) as the Vice Chairman.

The DCCC Shanghai had the pleasure to welcome the new board members: Rasmus Riisgaard Mortensen (NEFAB), Francis Hoang (MPS China), Mathias Boyer (CSR Capital) and Trine Roland Westergaard (Paustian International China), as well as the new Board Representative from Young Professionals Alexander Petersen (eGISS China). And, the following members successfully run for re-election: Simon Lichtenberg (Trayton Group), Christian Overgaard (Freelancer), Niels Roed (Maersk Procurement Group), Jakob Sonnenberg, Glen Mikkelsen (DI Asia Base), Peter Kiaer (Grundfos China) and Paul Kristensen (SAS Cargo). Last, but not least, Consul General Nicolai Prytz will represent the Consulate General Denmark in Shanghai.

Photographs by: Laura Li


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