Denmark finances 90million USD to Vietnam

“Denmark will disburse up to USD 90 million in ODA to Vietnam during 2014-2015,” informed Danish Ambassador John Nielsen at a press conference in Hanoi on Tuesday, June 10.

The main areas for the Danish support to Vietnam are Green Growth, Climate, Private Sector development, Water and Sanitation, Culture and Governance activities. “We trust that our development assistance will support the Government’s effort to fight poverty and promote a more sustainable economic development. Our support will focus on green growth and private sector development,” shared Ambassador John Nielsen.



The Danish support also comprises a comprehensive cultural support programme. Denmark is still, by far, the biggest provider of grants among all EU member states. Denmark account for almost 25 % of the total grants provided by all EU member states in 2014-15. Since 1994 Denmark has provided Vietnam with more than 1.3 billion US dollars in development assistance.

Words and photo: Danish Embassy in Hanoi

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