Denmark officially joins the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Danish foreign minister Kristian Jensen signed the contract of membership of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank on Sunday 25 October 2015.

Signing up for a membership of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is no bargain. It will give Denmark great contributory influence for the bank, but the total provisions will be 2,48 billions Danish Kroner over the next 5 years.

According to Danish correspondent from newspaper Berlingske, Lasse Karner, most of the provisions will be paid in forms of securities which the bank later has a right to demand if necessary.

This is the first time an international financial institution under a Chinese leadership is created. Now that Denmark is also one of the founder members 57 countries are now members of AIIB. United States and Japan are not among the members. 

By commercial loans Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will help funding new roads, railways, harbours, and energy supplies, which all are very much needed in Asia today. The loans are guaranteed by the bank’s equity, which consists of 100 billions of dollars. 




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