Denmark to open Embassy in The Philippines

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has launched the largest reform and modernisation of the Danish Foreign Service in recent times, which includes opening an Embassy in Manila.

The focus is on an adjustment of the network of Danish Missions abroad, and it implies that the presence in more than 25 countries will be adjusted. The key elements of the reform are that Denmark will open up Embassy in The Philippines among a few other countries, while some missions elsewhere will be closed.

(Former)Minister for Foreign Affairs Holger K. Nielsen states:

“Global power balances are changing, and economic growth takes place in other places today and tomorrow than was the case yesterday. That is why we are opening new Embassies and strengthening our presence where we will benefit most from it – politically and economically.But we do not have unlimited resources at our disposal and, like all others, the Government must make tough choices.  Therefore, we will cut costs in some places to be able to afford strengthening other places”.

Minister for Trade and European Affairs Nick Hækkerup elaborates on the business aspect:

“It is of enormous interest to Denmark as a society that we open new Embassies in places where growth rates are high. Every time Danish companies export to the tune of DKK 1 billion, it means, all other things being equal, that a total of 600-700 new jobs will be created in Denmark. Also with regard to our Embassies, we need to think innovatively. The Government and I want the Embassies to be used to an even greater extent to help Danish companies sell their goods throughout the world. It is not least this aspect that is pivotal to the modernisation reform”.”

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, January 18.

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