Denmark’s BioMar worked with Chinese firm to supply sustainable fish feed

Signing of the agreement between BioMar and Long Yang Xia in Brande (Photo: BioMar)

Denmark’s BioMar, fish feed manufacturing company, signed an agreement with Minze Long Yang Xi, China’s largest trout farmer to supply high performance fish feed with almost half the environmental footprint compared to local Chinese feed.

According to an announcement on BioMar’s website, the signing ceremony was held at the presence of BioMar’ representatives and a Chinese delegation led by Yan Jinhai, the Vice Governor of The Peoples Government of Qinghai Province.

BioMar stated that BioFarm teams of China and Denmark have been collaborating with Long Yang Xia over the last two years.

Focusing on technical onsite trials considering the daily conditions of the water and the fish, the companies successfully discovered the ideal recipe solution considering the parameters of growth performance and fish welfare while limiting the discharge of nitrogen and phosphorous into the local ecosystem.

Carlos Diaz, CEO at BioMar Group, said:

“Our extensive knowledge on nutritional requirements of trout as well as a strict selection of raw materials according to their characteristics and contribution to sustainability impacts, have together made it possible to discover an optimal feed recipe and feeding strategy. Through the onsite trials we have been able to demonstrate a better total performance.”

Due to the new guideline launched by the Chinese government, a set of policies has been made to reduce fish farmers’ overall environmental footprint and promote transformation of the industry.

“The importance to our environment for protecting ecosystems can’t be underestimated. Long Yang Xia is leading the way in the Chinese market by significantly reducing their environmental footprint with a diet created by BioMar that delivers on growth performance but is also considerate to the local ecosystem”, Diaz continued.

Founded in 1962 by a group of Danish fish farmers, BioMar, a fish and shrimp diets manufacturing company, committed to developing the aquaculture industry in a responsible and sustainable way.

Long Yang Xia is a green pioneer in China by investing in modern aquaculture technologies. Long Yang Xia hoped to see other farmers in the Chinese market value more sustainable feed solutions as the Chinese government implements their new initiative, Green Development of Aquaculture.

Source: BioMar

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