Drug smuggling Dane sentenced to 13 years in prison

Radspunk @ WikiCommons
Methamphetamine // Photo: Radspunk @ WikiCommons

Monday the 12th of January a 56 year old Danish man dodged the death penalty and was convicted for smuggling in 1,48 kg of methamphetamine into Indonesia.

The Dane was arrested the 8. Juni 2014 in Jakarta airport with methamphetamine in his suitcase and have been in jail waiting for a conviction ever since. In Indonesia drug trafficking can be punished by death and the Dane was somewhat satisfied with the trial’s outcome.

“I got 13 and a half year. And I am okay with the ruling. It is a bit less than what the prosecutor wanted,” the 58 year old tells Danish newspaper JydskeVestkysten, in addition to the 13 years in prison the Dane also have to pay a fine of almost DKK 5 million.

The Dane tells JydskeVestkysten that he is very relieved that he avoided death penalty, and that he hopes he can serve his sentence in Denmark.

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