Emergency Locksmith Services

For the majority of us, the only locksmith services are emergency services.  While these professionals can offer us a wide variety of services, the average person doesn’t take them up on them.  Yes, locksmiths can help you secure your home, car, and place of business, but in general, we will work with them only when we lock ourselves out or experience a robbery. 

You should be prepared for a locksmith emergency.  And because we tend to only turn to them in emergencies, the experience is rarely something we consider fun.  If you are among those who have yet to experience such an emergency, count your blessings.  However, the experience does not need to be a miserable one if you approach the situation correctly.  Your transaction with your Boston emergency car locksmiths or home locksmiths can be fairly pleasant, actually.  Below are some things you can do to make your experience as good as it gets. 


Don’t Wait Until It Happens


The biggest mistake people make is waiting until they need a locksmith to do the research and get a number.  

Do we tend to go through our lives expecting the worst to happen?  No, or at least we hope not, as that sounds pretty miserable.  But the truth is that we cannot prevent all accidents.  You may tell yourself you will never make a silly mistake, like forgetting your keys in your car and then locking yourself out, but even the best of us will have those momentary lapses.  It is better to prepare in advance. 

Unlike other types of emergencies, we are generally not prepared for locksmith emergencies.  You know the number to get the police or an ambulance, but you don’t memorize the number for locksmiths.  Well, change the way you prepare.  No, you don’t need to memorize the number, but at least have one programmed into your phone. 

You might be wondering why you should bother with this.  After all, if you have your phone with you, you could just do a simple search in the moment.  Well, you could, but when we are panicked, we don’t always think things through.  By selecting a locksmith in advance, you can ensure that you are making the right choice. 


Evaluating Your Potential Locksmith


There are a few things you should look for in a locksmith company.  First, make sure they have 24/7 availability.  The truth about locksmith emergencies is that they always happen at the worst possible moment, even in the middle of the night.  Most areas should have at least one 24/7 locksmith service serving them. 

Next, check to see if they offer emergency service.  Most will, but response time is key.  Can they be there in 30 minutes or less?  If not, find another.  In a true emergency, you cannot wait an hour for help to arrive. 


Handle the Call Correctly


While you cannot prepare for this well in advance, there are a few things to do in the moments before you make the call.

First, calm down.  Any emergency is stressful, but allowing your stress to get the best of you can compromise your experience.  Take a few deep breaths and then start to make your plan.

What should you be planning?  What you are going to say to your locksmith on the phone.  Have a rough idea in your head before you start.  This should include explaining the problem and giving directions to where you are located. 

And be certain your directions are clear.  Locksmiths are not taxi drivers, so they won’t know every little road in the area.  Start your directions from a well-known street or landmark and make sure you are very specific about when and where to turn. 

If you can do these things, you should expect your experience to be as good as it can be.  

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