EU countries will continue China trade but reduce dependence

EU and China must continue to be partners, but the EU must be less dependent on China in critical areas. This is the conclusion of EU leaders on Friday, June 30, at a summit in Brussels. Here, the heads of state and government have discussed the relationship between China and the EU.

China is both a partner, competitor and systemic rival to the EU, states the conclusion.

The debate about China has largely been about the EU being less dependent. This applies when it comes to the supply of critical raw materials and microchips. As for now, the EU is very dependent on imports from China in these areas.

The EU countries emphasize that China remains an important trading partner. The Union has no intention of decoupling from China. But the relationship must be balanced and mutually beneficial.

It is a realistic approach that the EU countries have agreed on, says The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

“If you have to summarize it briefly, it is a more realistic approach that there are areas where we want to cooperate with China, and then there are other areas where we don’t always have the same interests,” she said after the summit.

“Among other things, it is about ensuring that we can take care of the technology ourselves to a greater extent. This is crucial for us to be able to develop our own society,” she added.


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