Gushing Russian gas pipes in Danish waters an act of terrorism?

The pipeline gas leak in the Baltic Sea as seen from the air.

US officials calls Moscow’s questioning of whether Washington caused pipeline gas leaks “ridiculous”. This is reported by Yahoo News.

The leaks have pushed natural gas prices to sky high limits foreseeing geopolitical tensions and an energy crisis in Europe during the coming winter.

Moscow accused the US, claiming it to have said North Stream 2 to be “finished” if Russia invaded Ukraine, and required President Joe Biden to answer the question of whether the US carried out its threats. Washington dismissed the claim through a spokeswoman of the National Security Council saying Russia is known to have a long story of spreading misinformation.

Strong words are being used on both sides of the table with EU, and Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen, calling it “a deliberate act”, Sweden to announce the opening of an investigation into the leaks calling them “aggravated sabotage” and Russia saying it had launched an “international terrorism” investigation.

Correspondingly, EU Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell, says information reveals indications of deliberate act and warned “deliberate disruption of European energy infrastructure to be met with a robust and intense response”.

At Russia’s request, the UN Security Council will meet on Friday to discuss the leaks.


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