EU-Indonesia Business Dialogue 2018 invitation

On 25 October 2018 the 8th EU – Indonesia Business Dialogue (EIBD) will take place – a forum of private business and government representatives.

Business communities and business leaders are invited to take an active part in a constructive dialogue with Indonesian and the EU representatives. It was first launched back in 2009 in Brussels as an initiative of the EU and Government of Indonesia. The 8th EIBD, to be held in Jakarta, is dedicated to ‘Circular Economy: Maximizing Business through Sustainable Practices’.

Unlike the previous years, where the EIBD discussed government regulatory and policy priorities, this year, the EIBD will showcase economic models that could change how business operates. Circular economy is a breakthrough approach that aims to replace the current linear economy model (where products or goods end up as waste), with a cascade of upcycling and recycling fuelled by connectivity between consumers/producers, cross-sectors supply chains, waste management, resources and energy efficiency. As economy grows, utilization of resources may result in scarcity of resources and proliferation of landfills or marine litter which could can further deteriorate our environment. Therefore, the 2018 EIBD will illustrate how circular economy model could become an alternative to address the aforementioned issues and also offer new opportunities for business, create new market, as well as gain competitive advantages for companies.

EuroCham will continue to organize the EIBD in collaboration with KADIN Indonesia and APINDO (Asosiasi Pengusaha Indonesia, The Employers’ Association of Indonesia), as with support EIBN (EU Indonesia Business Network) and civil society organizations.

Participant is open to Indonesian and European companies.

– Raise awareness on circular economy for European and Indonesian businesses as well as the consumers
– Share good practices from European Union
– Explore best possible ways to adopt circular economy to the Indonesian context
– Explore benefits of circular economy particularly its market potentials and how it will improve companies’ presence in Indonesia
– Assessing challenges and Indonesian readiness in adopting circular economy concept
– Identify appropriate instrument to boost circular economy in Indonesian context
– Provide platform for businesses to engage with key stakeholders in circular economy

EIBN offers a wide range of services for EU businesses, particularly SMEs, looking to enter the Indonesian market or already active in the country. They specialize in market analysis, business partner search and many other support services to help EU companies find their way in Indonesia.

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