Ex-Swedish PM lauds Malaysia’s innovation initiatives

Former Swedish PM Praises Malaysia’s Innovation Initiatives
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 13 (Bernama) — Former Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson has praised Malaysia’s innovation initiatives, saying Malaysia is developing tremendously in innovation.

“Malaysia is developing powerfully and in comparison with countries with the same income group, Malaysia is the top. Besides, Malaysia is an open and a model country to others.Göran_Persson

“I like the people, I like the ambitions and I like what has been achieved by Malaysia so far. I have seen what your companies are capable of and I want to see Sweden and Malaysia as partners,” he said on the sidelines of the World Innovation Forum Kuala Lumpur 2013, here Wednesday.

Perrson, who had helmed Sweden for 10 years from 1996, was one of the speakers at the forum, who shared with the audience the development lessons from Sweden.

Despite owning expensive gadgets and reading out pre-written speeches, the 65-year-old politician had openly declared that he was not afraid of new technology instead preferred to carry a notepad and a pen, with neatly scribbled sentences that will come in handy during his speeches.

“I have met many politicians who read out speeches that have been written by someone else. But I write my own speeches with a pen and paper.

“Yes, it is a new world. But a pen and paper are good tools if you want to stay active intellectually,” he said.

Encouraging innovation, Persson said a constant reform and a good education system were needed to ensure a thriving innovation industry.

“It is not a 66-year-old that is the driving force of innovation, but it is a six-year-old. Start them young. It is important that every child receives good education.

“The new society that is emerging is built on brain power and on intellectual capability,” he said.


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