‘Fake’ Danish biscuits made in Indonesia sold in China

The Danish biscuit producer Kelsen has launched a case against a competitor for copying its Danish butter cookies and selling them on the Chinese market. kjeldsens

Indonesian consumer goods giant Mayora’s product is called ‘Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies’. The tin professes to be an “original Danish recipe” and has a royal crown printed on it, much like Kelsen’s product.

The food products authority, Fødevarestyrelsen, has helped Kelsen by measuring the contents of Mayora’s product.

”Under half of the fat in the Indonesian cookies is butter,” Brian Rønsholdt, the head of Kelsen, told DR Nyheder.

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  1. The ‘Danisa’ fakes are also found in S’pore…..was just offered a cookie by a colleague here in the office!!!

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